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The Clackamas County Veterans Village is a transitional tiny home village located in Clackamas County. The program consists of 15 Veterans, both male and female, who are working towards the final goal of permanent housing.

The Veteran Village is a transition shelter, meaning it is a stepping stone for veterans to go from staying in an emergency shelter to a place that is their own. We then help guide them into a healthier life and ultimately permanent housing. Each Villager has a pod is which designed for one resident and provides a safe space to sleep and store personal items. The Village also has shared kitchen, bathroom/shower facilities, meeting spaces, and we are also working on developing a community garden with Food by Design.

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In partnership with Clackamas County, we are able to provide Veterans with the following services:

  • Primary Medical Care

  • Dental Care

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Substance Abuse Counseling

  • Social Services

  • Housing Service Assistance

  • Employment Assistance and Training

Currently we have been able to help two of our villagers find employment. One villager is attending school in pursuit of his GED and five villagers have successfully transitioned into permanent housing since opening in October 2018.

Clackamas County Veterans Village

16575 SE 115th Ave

Clackamas, OR