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Findley Commons will redevelop parking lot space at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church on SE Powell to create 38 units of Supportive Housing focused on underserved Veterans including Veterans of color, women, and extremely-low income Veterans.

There will be 18 Single Room Occupancy (SRO) units that will rent for $350 per month. The goal for these SRO units is to stabilize Veterans, who could eventually transition into the larger units. In addition, the project will leverage 20 VASH vouchers to support the 1-bedroom units, which will target veterans earning 50% of the median income in the area or below.

We estimate the project will be complete Spring 2021 as long as everything stays on task and there are no delays.

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A child and family therapist by profession with a background in art therapy, Erica cared a lot about others and sought to find creative ways to affect positive change in her community and in the world. 

Erica was not afraid of making waves or speaking out about her beliefs to be a voice for those who could not speak up for themselves. She was also a fierce advocate for social justice in her community and she regularly attended rallies, marches, formed community groups, and found ways to support causes that upheld the rights of others and supported those most in need. 

An infectious community organizer as one of her many talents, Erica rallied within her workplace to improve conditions for patients and staff and spur needed change at all levels. With vision, compassion, a fearless drive, and genuine warmth that drew others to her, Erica was here to do good in the world. Keeping in mind her interests and passions, Erica’s family invites you to continue her work and support the mission of Do Good Multnomah, a local non-profit focused on helping Portland’s homeless Veteran’s with daily living and housing needs. Their motto is “We are Ordinary People Meeting an Extraordinary Need”, and that seems fitting for Erica, a normal person who lived an extraordinary life and touched each of us in profound ways. We know Erica would be proud and elated to see those she loves come together to support this worthy cause.