Hi, My Name is Kim! Welcome to Our New Blog!

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Hey Everyone! Welcome to our new blog!

Do Good Multnomah is growing rapidly, which is so very, very exciting! With the growth of our programs, we want to grow in other ways, too! Which is where this blog comes into play. We want to take the opportunity to answer questions you have about the issues facing Veterans and people without housing.


A Little About Me…

Hi!! My name is Kim, and I am the Communications Manager here at Do Good Multnomah!

I come from an background of working in anti-human trafficking and communications. Before working with Do Good, my jobs all centered around informing people about issues and then giving them practical things they could do to address those issues. I’m passionate about education and engagement.

I have two Bachelor Degrees (Community Development and International Relations), a Master’s Degree (International Development), and five tattoos (wrist, forearm, shoulder, ribs, foot). I have spoken a numerous conferences and summits about human trafficking and social justice issues. I grew up in a strong Christian home and am a member of the Wesleyan Church, which has shaped my understanding of compassion and inclusivity, and grew up with parents who always taught us to challenge ourselves. I’m big into adventuring! I love hiking, exploring, traveling, and photographing all the things. One of my life goals is to step foot on all seven continents.

As a part of Communications at Do Good, I run the social media, keep everyone within the non-profit connected on what’s happening, and also make sure you all know what’s going on and feel connected, too! We have some pretty big ideas we want to put into place in the next couple years and I can’t wait for you all to see them unfurl!

One really big thing you should know: I do not have a strong background working with people who are houseless. Working with Do Good is an education for me on issues that I had some knowledge about, but not extensive or technical understanding. Some of the blogs you’ll be seeing are questions I had to ask people or Google about. I’m no expert, which is why I’m going to make sure we have voices of people who have been working in this space and know a lot more than I do sharing information and their stories with you, too!

Why the Blog?

Throughout my experience working with non-profits, I have found that lots of people really do want to engage beyond financial donations (which are greatly needed and appreciated) but don’t really know how. They don’t always feel equipped to talk about or engage with people on issues they care about. For us at Do Good, this blog is a stepping stone to help people feel more informed so they can engage.

We want this to be a tool people can use to learn about issues facing Veterans and people who are struggling with houselessness. We want to give you information, but also point you in directions where you can learn more if you’re really interested in digging in deep. We want to give you knowledge and ideas on how you can make a positive impact.

So - Join us. Ask questions. Engage. We’re happy to have you on this journey with us!