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As a non-profit working with Veterans to provide low-barrier housing, Do Good Multnomah changes lives pretty regularly. We recently had a Veteran start in our Veteran Shelter, move to supportive transitional housing at the Veterans Village, and now is in permanent supportive housing at Sandy Studios.

Since taking over the Wy’east Shelter July 1st (less than a month ago), we’ve had 4 people transition into permanent housing! Each of our shelter employees is working directly with participants there to connect and transition them from the shelter into housing. Our Veterans Village is a tiny home community aimed at transitioning Veterans from houselessness to permanent housing through offering a community and place they can call their own. Sandy Studios has permanent supportive housing for Veterans complete with peer support specialists, social workers, and counseling.

You can join us as we do this life changing work!


Have you ever thought about subscribing to a non-profit?

I’ve heard of monthly donors, but I’ve always thought of it as something Boomers and older did. It wasn’t ever really anything I could afford.

Then I reorganized my thoughts.

Today, subscriptions aren’t all that foreign to most people.

Between Netflix, HBO, Hulu, etc. we can pretty much watch whatever television, shows, and movies we could ever want. Companies like HelloFresh, Home Chef, and Freshly offer easy cook-at-home meal options. Amazon has a whole host of benefits with their Prime Membership subscription. And then there are monthly clothing subscriptions, sports paraphernalia boxes, quarterly random subscriptions, etc. that often just bring more stuff that we don’t need into our homes to clutter it all up.

So I started digging into my monthly subscriptions to see where I was spending money. Several subscriptions I share with family members/roommate (Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime) - so there was no way of nixing those without significantly impacting others in my life. Beyond that, I use each of those subscriptions regularly.

HBONow, though - since Game of Thrones is over (and such a let down - Queen Sansa forever), I have no need of that $15/month subscription.

Also, Moviepass. I used to go see movies in theater much more regularly, but have been too busy lately to really make use of it, so that’s another $10/month I can nix.


That opens my finances by $25.00/month that I won’t be spending anymore on useless monthly subscriptions.

Today I choose to reallocate that $25 to subscribe monthly to the success of Do Good Multnomah.


I’m not advocating for you to get rid of memberships or subscriptions that you use regularly and with which you find value. But I do challenge you take a look at those you no longer use.

I am hoping you’ll join me in looking over where you might be spending money monthly/quarterly that you don’t really use and/or need and repurpose those funds.

Subscribe to help out Veterans in need. Subscribe to make a difference. Subscribe to the success of Do Good.

On any given night, Do Good houses up to 175 people - a majority of whom are Veterans - and this number will continue to grow as we open new projects across the Portland-Metro area over the next couple years. Our simple approach of offering Veterans respect and honoring their inherent dignity is what has caused this exponential growth since we opened in 2015.

We will continue to ensure Veterans in Portland feel valued as we seek to connect and provide assistance and opportunity to obtain housing.

Join us!

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