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3 guys are taking on the 3 tallest mountains in Oregon over 3 consecutive days.


To raise $33,000 for veterans without housing

Philip Branscum (Combat Veteran), Tobias Shea (Combat Veteran), and Dale Moody (Director of Operations at Do Good Multnomah) will all be climbing the 3 tallest peaks in Oregon - Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood, and South Sisters (a total of 33,000 feet if you add all their heights all up) - together over 3 consecutive days (Learn more about each of them and why they’re doing this below!).

The plan is for the climbs to take place around July 4th-ish. Climbing mountains is VERY weather-dependent. We want the fellas to be safe, so the final dates are TBD.

Between Memorial Day and the 4th of July, they hope to raise $33,000 to help Do Good Multnomah work toward our mission of changing the way we serve houseless Veterans.


How can you help?

  • Donate right here on this page to support their efforts and Do Good’s mission to change the way we’re serving houseless Veterans!

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  • Set up your own “3 Mountains. 3 Days.” Fundraiser to help them reach their goal! (We’re a verified 501(c)3 on Facebook, so ALL the money goes directly to Do Good!). We have some information below on how to do this!

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SEt Up your own facebook fundraiser

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Choose how much money you want raise and select an end date. If you would like to coincide with the rest of the fundraising, our current ‘end date’ is July 4th.

On the next page, create a title. You can choose “‘Your Name’ Fundraiser for Houseless Veterans” or really whatever you like.

Why are your raising money? This is your chance to tell your story. Feel free to copy and paste anything from this page, but let people know why you care about houseless Veterans.

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And you’re done! Publish the fundraiser and encourage your friends and family to get involved!

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Philip Branscum

As a Veteran, I had a difficult transition to civilian life feeling like my identity was lost. Struggles with living life on life’s terms, building friendships, learning self-care, and finding a purpose were all challenges faced in building a new life.  People helped me make this transition because I asked for help, and my goal is to help fellow Veterans in any way that I can. Paying forward to others removes me from self. It benefits the community at large and the Veterans who disproportionately face struggles in our community every day. Taking an opportunity to challenge myself physically and mentally while helping Veterans is one I couldn’t pass up. Growing up in Oklahoma I could only dream about climbing big, snow covered peaks; never having the idea that someday I would be able (or willing) to do that very same thing. Climbing has given me a sense of accomplishment and an opportunity to leave my comfort zone while actualizing some of those dreams. Making friends that share these interests allowed me to learn new skills and things about myself that I had forgotten, or never knew existed.

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Dale Moody

There are two major things in life that bring me joy: Mountains and helping other Human beings. The Mountains give me the clarity to be able to focus on the important things in life, which is why I started working with Veterans who are in need of some help. Both of my grandfathers were Veterans that served in Korea which is why I have chosen this path. I want to live a life that they would be proud of. A fundraiser that incorporates my two joys in life was easy to say yes to. The 2 Veterans that I get to do this with, Phillip and Tobias, are amazing human beings that have overcome some tremendous obstacles to get where they are today.  All 3 of us brings some amazing strengths to climbing mountains as well as to assisting Veterans.

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tobias shea

I am excited to participate in this fundraiser, because I enjoy hard work that contributes to a positive cause. I’ve experienced homelessness and the struggles and challenges homeless Veterans face on a daily basis. This fundraiser allows me the opportunity to “give back” by supporting the important programs provided by Do Good Multnomah. I’ve always enjoyed exploring the Outdoors, and the 3 Mountains in 3 Days project is a great opportunity to combine my love of Nature with my interest in improving the lives of homeless Veterans in Portland.

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