Do Good Multnomah is currently working on a project that will include a low-barrier emergency shelter and low-income housing in order to accommodate homeless and previously homeless Veterans in Multnomah County, Oregon.

While this project is in the early stages, Do Good Multnomah recognizes that they can help fill a need right now. With the support of an appropriate community space, Do Good Multnomah is starting an emergency shelter this winter. This is a need that is extremely underserved in the greater Portland area.

This shelter is intended to get Veterans off the street and into initial contact with services. The Do Good emergency shelter will be open to homeless Veterans regardless of Veteran status and eligibility. The Shelter will accommodate 20 Veteran males along with their service/ companion animals. 18 beds will be designated for Veterans for a one-week period, leaving 2 available beds for daily emergency slots.


If you are interested in Volunteer opportunities with Do Good Multnomah please contact us here